“Do nothing. Stay and fight. Leave.” Women…talking. The phrase isn’t the most capturing title as it evokes imagery of a movie suggesting just that—talking. But as Women Talking opens, we’re presented with anything but droll conversations, or boredom. The feeling is uneasy as you know something horrific has happened among the people in this seemingly … Continue reading REVIEW: WOMEN TALKING (2022)


Frances McDormand in Chloé Zhao's Nomadland © Fox Searchlight “See you down the road.” “Not all who wander are lost.” A sentiment of inspiration for some, but no statement rings truer in Chloé Zhao’s, Nomadland. This visually stimulating film examines the modern-day nomadic lifestyle through the eyes of our protagonist. With her contact with real-life … Continue reading NYFF REVIEW: NOMADLAND (2020)