“Nothing matters but the music.” – Boris Lermontov (The Red Shoes)

After writing the Criterion: The Red Shoes piece, I decided to list my 5 favorite movie soundtracks.

5. Inception- Hans Zimmer

If I could put every Hans Zimmer soundtrack on here I would. Even his earlier scores for films such as The Lion King or A League of Their Own added a punch with each note. Then Zimmer became obsessed lower, deeper brass instruments. And so came the creation of the Inception score. With each blast of the trombones and tubas, Zimmer offers the viewers a haunting experience to each dream level.

4. Gravity- Steven Price

There’s something incredibly addicting about Steven Price’s Gravity score. Price goes from adrenaline pumping to soft lullabies. The track titled “Airlock” is a soothing piano melody that could sooth anyone’s dreams. The track is soon followed by the heart-racing track “Fire.” Listening to each song on the soundtrack puts you right back in the action.

3. There Will Be Blood- Johnny Greewood

Johnny Greenwood’s creative score brings justice to Paul Thomas Anderson’s brilliant film. Greenwood not only created tracks for this film, but also borrowed tracks from his previous released soundtrack “Bodysong.” Arranged with primarily string instruments, Greenwood offers a haunting experience to the open spaces that surround the film’s characters.

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind- Jon Brion

“Eternal Sunshine” is a strange and wild movie, so it only makes sense that the soundtrack would emulate the same emotions that the characters themselves are going through. Brion does a fantastic job emphasizing the kookiness along with romanticism that’s involved with these characters. “The Theme” itself is so simple that is adds to Joel’s simplistic nature. The later tracks such as Bookstore, Down the Drain, and Peer Pressure, make you want to go for a box of tissues.

1. Pulp Fiction- Various Artists

I know I have listed nothing but scores up until this point, but who is a better music supervisor than Quentin Tarantino? This was a tough one between Kill Bill vol. I and basically every single one of his movies. From the opening credits, “Miserlou” attacks you with a “music punch” to your ears.  After that Tarantino takes you back with music from the 60s and 70s. It’s the perfect soundtrack to embody the tone of cool.