Baywatch stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron as a spoof, or should I say reboot, of the “popular” 90s television series of the same name. In this new reboot, the Baywatch lifeguards try to save the day as a local beach resident seems to be dabbling in something more than just the nice view on the beach. All in all, it’s hard to say how awful this film was, because I don’t really know if it takes itself that seriously. I’ll explain a little more to what I mean, but we’ll get into that later.

This film opens up with Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) the head of the Baywatch lifeguard team, as he goes out, in pure Baywatch fashion, to save a young surfer. Yes, the words Baywatch explodes on screen, as Mitch pulls the surfer out of the water. Oh, and then a bunch of dolphins do flips and stuff. I am not making this up, but I wish I was. From the very beginning, this film is stupid. Not to mention the vulgarity, but I should have expected that. Zac Efron plays Mat Brody, a Ryan Lochte type, as he plays a two-time swimming gold medalist who is also a complete screw up. Efron is trying out for Baywatch, as the captain of the police believes it would be good for Baywatch PR. So reluctantly, Buchannon accepts him, only after a big strongman competition between both Buchannon and Brody, in which Buchannon wipes the floor with Brody. But even that ridiculous scene, was oddly entertaining.

Baywatch wasn’t all bad, but it was bad. The scenes in which Buchannon and Brody butt heads are probably the only funny parts. Well, if I’m completely honest, The Rock was the only funny part of the film. He isn’t the best actor, BAYWATCHbut he’s incredibly entertaining and I love to watch him on screen. But Baywatch really makes you take a step back and wonder why he agreed to this film. It showcased, only a few times, why we love The Rock. But other than that, his performance was mediocre. I couldn’t help but notice that Efron looked as if he had spent way too much time in the tanning bed, but that’s more a personal pet peeve. Between that and the character’s idiocracy, Efron’s performance fell completely flat. As for the other cast members, they were mere paws to this horrific comedy.

It’s hard to review a film like this. It’s was a total mess. It wanted it to be taken seriously as an “action packed film,” but there were too many parts that were too outrageous. It lacked the funny that would make it a comedic film, but the action parts are just silly. But as unfunny as Baywatch was, I couldn’t help but think that these are the types of comedy movies we’ve grown accustomed to. With the constant influx of comedy films that throw out nudity and drugs, because that’s what they believe is funny, I find Baywatch no more insulting than any of the disgusting Seth Rogan films that seem to come out every year. My critique isn’t my problem with Baywatch so much, but the comedy genre as whole. Maybe once movies go back to being funny, then we can start critiquing the actual films.


Starring: Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron