The revolutionary Steve Jobs expected nothing but perfection when working on one of his many projects. Jobs oversaw many different projects including the start of up Apple Computers Inc. Most of us know the story of Steve Jobs and the struggle to really get Apple to what it is today. However, it’s a bit ironic that when Jobs’ strived for perfection, his own biography falls short of making the cut.

“Jobs” tells the story of Steve Jobs from his very early years, right after dropping out of college, to his comeback at Apple. Though the film opens with Jobs introducing the iPod in 2001, the film never touches on Jobs’ later life, including his work with the iPhone, or MacBook. Screenwriter Matt Whiteley and Director Michael Stern (Swing Vote) seem to rush the process of fitting Job’s early life into this film.

Now, I understand that some people may love Ashton Kutcher, but I often fail to look past his immature personality and stupidity. So when I heard that he was being cast as the genius Steve Jobs, well, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Kutcher does surprise me at times; I’ll give him credit. I could tell that Kutcher did his homework and tried his very hardest to learn Jobs’ mannerisms. But even with Kutcher taking in all of Jobs in everyway he could, Kutcher falls short. He often adds too much emotion when parts didn’t call for it. I never took Jobs to be such an overly emotional man, crying at his place of work and what not. It just didn’t feel real to me.

I’m not putting all the blame on Kutcher, the rest of the cast was just not my first picks. It’s as though they had gotten a group of comedians and said, “Hey, let’s make a serious documentary about Steve Jobs!” Then they made this movie. I can’t take this movie seriously if the filmmakers didn’t. I do want people to know that there were some good parts about this movie. I did enjoy Dermot Mulroney’s character, Mike Markkula. I think he played the part pretty well. At times the movie evokes emotion, but can sometimes come off like it’s more than it actually is.

Rating: C

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