This is a spoiler review. If you have not seen Alien: Covenant, please go to my regular review, and take a little look. If you are continuing to read this, you have seen the film, or don't mind spoiling the film for yourself. Anyway, here we go! Alien: Covenant begins as a crew on the … Continue reading SPOILER REVIEW: ALIEN COVENANT

Alien: Covenant to Proceed without Noomi Rapace?

It has officially been announced that Ridley Scott’s prequel to Alien, Alien: Covenant, will now go forward without Noomi Rapace. Rapace, who played Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in the previous film, Prometheus, the previous Alien prequel, is the last known survivor from Prometheus’ fateful voyage. Alien: Covenant is set to be 10 years after the events … Continue reading Alien: Covenant to Proceed without Noomi Rapace?