This is a spoiler review. If you have not seen Alien: Covenant, please go to my regular review, and take a little look. If you are continuing to read this, you have seen the film, or don’t mind spoiling the film for yourself. Anyway, here we go!

Alien: Covenant begins as a crew on the ship Covenant, travels to find a mysterious new planet. However, on their way to this planet, they receive a message from another mysterious planet, one that had never showed up on their radar while researching this galaxy. But as the crew listens to this message, they think, “hey, this person is singing John Denver’s Take me home, Country Roads! It must be a habitable planet if someone’s singing that song!” So the crew sets out for the new planet. And of course, once they reach the planet, the crew is infected and begins to shoot aliens out of their back and chest. As all hell breaks loose, they find themselves surrounded by aliens, when all of a sudden, David, the android from Prometheus, shoots a flare up in the air, thus causing the aliens to run away.

Here’s where the film takes a turn into Prometheus territory. Walter, The Covenant’s android, looks upon David, and is puzzled to see another such as he. In a scene where Walter and David are speaking to one another, David explains that he and Elizabeth Shaw landed on an unknown planet. There, Elizabeth took care of him and brought him back to health. David says that he had never known such kindness from a human. But after that scene, we really don’t find out anything else as to what happened to her. Later on we see her corpse on a table, with her stomach opened up, but nothing is ever fully divulged to us as to how David killed her, or how he went from “not knowing such kindness” to “let me experiment on you.” If you watch the prologue, you see where Elizabeth is patching up David, and how they were able to figure out how to fly the creator’s ship, and eventually travel to “the creators” planet. Alien-Covenant-prologue-featuredBut as Elizabeth prepares to enter hyper sleep, David tells her that he’ll wake her when they approach the new planet. Elizabeth is excited, as if she were a child going to sleep on Christmas Eve. But that is the last time we see the ill-fated Elizabeth Shaw. David goes on to say how he was able to learn more about these creatures. Research them. Learn from their specimens. This is the big lead up to Alien, as we start to learn how David is going to kill all evidence of human beings on ANY planet. But before I get too far into David’s mission, let’s take it back to the very beginning of the film.

At the beginning we see David, playing piano, as Peter Weyland speaks to David about being his creation. But David makes a statement about how can Weyland be superior when David is going to live forever and Weyland will eventually die. But then Weyland turns the tables and makes David serve him tea and play music on the piano. This brings me to the point of David’s character in Prometheus versus Alien: Covenant. See, I always thought that David was some misunderstood android. Although he killed a few crew members, I thought that David’s main goal was to find a way for his master, Weyland, to live forever. But after seeing Alien: Covenant, I believe that David’s main purpose was to begin killing humans, so to show Weyland that he is not superior to any android that is created. But then again, so many questions were left up in the air.

So fast forward to when David arrives at the creator’s planet. We see him dump a load of black alien goo on all the creators, which infect the creators and kills them. As we find David 10 years later, he has begun to “breed” these aliens inside the structure in which he lives. As he hosts the crew within his “home”, the crew begins to suspect that something is wrong with David. One by one, the aliens pick off each crew member, with Billy Crudup’s character being the worst death. But I mean, come on. When are the crew members going to stop looking straight into some foreign object thinking nothing will happen. It’s getting a little played out. Neomorph.jpg

Meanwhile, as the crew tries to get back to their ship, David is full out evil, when at one point he tries to kill Katherine Waterson’s character, Daniels. But in steps Walter, who David thought was dead, and the two androids go at it. The scene cuts away from the fighting only to find out that David has won the fight. Was it really that surprising when we get to the end of the film? I think not. As we reach the end of the film, an alien gets on board the ship, as Daniels, Tennessee, and David (who the crew thinks is Walter) kill the huge Xenomorph. The end scene was a little cheesy as Daniels jumps in front of the alien, only for the alien to fly into a bunch of huge spikes.

After a hard day’s work, the last two remaining crew members prepare to go into hyper sleep. And as the top of the pod begins to close, Daniels asks David (who she thinks is Walter) if he’ll help her build a cabin on the lake. She notices that David’s (yup, she should have known it wasn’t Walter) expression is puzzled by what she’s asking, and at that moment she realizes that Walter is David. She begins to freak out and but cannot do anything because hyper sleep has begun. This goes back to the prologue when David tells Elizabeth to sleep tight and he’ll wake her when they reach the planet to see their creators. So with that scene being in the prologue, we know that David will probably kill both Daniels and Tennessee for his alien breeding purposes. David then goes to where the fetuses are on the ship, and begins to gag, as he pulls little alien fetuses out of his mouth and places them next to the human fetuses. In true Hitler-genocide-fashion, Wagner’s Entry of the Gods into Valahlla plays as the movie fades to black.

The ending of this film is truly creepy. From the moment Daniels realizes that Walter is David, the spooky scene signifies that there are places that should not be discovered. We have a long way until David creates that “perfect specimen” and until the prequel trilogy comes full circle to the original Alien film. I believe there’s one more film before we reach the conclusion, and that upcoming film will have to cover a lot of ground.

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