The Women (1939)

Here’s a little review because I enjoyed this film so much…

I saw The Women the other night for the third time, and every time I see it, it just gets funnier. Now when I say that I saw The Women, I mean the 1939 film. Not the one with Meg Ryan. That film was more like a weird twilight zone episode. Since when are there only women on the streets of New York City? Wrong.

In The Women (1939) the dialogue between these characters is absolutely wonderful. The characters bicker, gossip, and tease one another, all in an effort to find out more about their friend Mary Haines’ cheating husband and the mistress.

Throughout the film, each character pushes the narrative forward with each actress being able to lend her talents with witty and emotional dialogue. Norma Shearer, Rosalind Russell, and Joan Crawford shine in their performances. If you haven’t seen this film, go out and rent it. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the trailer…