What are your desert island movies? It’s a popular question that’s going around with our current situation of staying at home and quarantining from the general public. But it gave me an idea that now that we’re in the thick of the hard times, what movies would I find most revitalizing? Sure you have the movies that fall under the category of “masterpieces” or “filmmaking at its finest.” And yet, some of those would not be the most ideal for times like these.

Throughout the quarantine, not to mention my nasty little illness that has shut me down for about two weeks, I’ve come to realize that in times such as these, I take pleasure not so much the masterpieces of film, but rather the dumb movies. The ones I often refer to as “mindless entertainment.” The movies that know they’re not great, and don’t pretend to be. Here are my  Top 10 Movies/Categories that bring me comfort and happiness during any dark time.

  1. Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson’s expertise in directing has led him to produce such wildly eccentric films. From the Royal Tenenbaums to The Grad Budapest Hotel, you can’t go wrong with adding a little Wes into your list of movies that will raise your spirits. Take your pick; everything is worth watching.

  1. Batman Movies

Batman movies are a whole genre in of themselves. My personal favorites are Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and Batman Returns. This category is a twofer in being both well-made films, but also extremely entertaining. Depending on how deep, or dark, you’re willing to get, maybe The Dark Knight Trilogy won’t be the best pick. Batman and Batman Returns may be a better idea. Also, if you haven’t seen the Batman film from 1966, starring Adam West, now is the best time!

  1. Galaxy Quest

Who doesn’t watch Galaxy Quest during a hard time? This cult-classic has made it on my feel-good movie list, and needs to be watched by all. These quirky characters jump head first into comedy through the ongoing situations of helping some real aliens. A hilarious movie that is more relevant today than ever — seeing our growing fascination with geek culture and comic cons.

  1. The Women

Although some feelings pertaining to the story within The Women may have changed during the course of time, I can still find a special place for this film. The snarky movie “all about men” produces some of the best monologues to ever be found in film. Every single character, no matter how small, finds their place in the film, and drives the plot forward.

  1. A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own has been on this list since I was young. Sure, you could say that it’s more of a drama, but I beg to differ, because the comedy is very prominent. Especially, Tom Hanks’ glorious “there’s no crying in baseball” monologue. Classic. This inspirational, and heart-warming, film will have you feeling good and satisfying your sports craving.

  1. All About Eve

One of my absolute favorite movies… PERIOD. This story may act more like a drama, but the succession of sarcastic one-liners, and sprinkled comedy, makes this a must-see at any time.

  1. Bedazzled

What is Bedazzled, you ask? When this pandemic hit a little too close for comfort, I’m sure, like many of you, I had to watch anything that would remove me from reality. And with a little help from Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley, I was able to be fully engulfed in this comedy. Sure, it’s not the best, but I can’t help but love it. Maybe it’s the fact that I spent summers watching this with my sisters and can’t help but think of them when I watch it. Bedazzled brings about all the good-feelings and more.

  1. Duck Soup

I watch this film when I’m sick, or when I feel sad. When I’m happy, or when I’m bored. I have seen Duck Soup so many times, and for different reasons, I can basically sing the musical numbers and recite almost every line. The Marx Brothers produced some of the best comedic films throughout their many years in the business. However, Duck Soup is their best!

  1. Lord of the Rings Trilogy

When I say the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I mean the extended version, and I’m sure people would want to fight me on that. Who cares, because whichever version you prefer, I’m sure we can all agree that the LOTRs Trilogy is damn near perfection. Great filmmaking, superb writing, terrific acting… the list goes on and on. I can put this trilogy on any list, because no list is complete without these films.

  1. The Mummy & Mummy Returns

I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the third film, because it’s just plain rubbish. Plus, I can’t even remember its name, so I’ll just stick to one and two. If I haven’t mentioned this before, which I’m sure I have, The Mummy movies were a jumping off point for my love of film. This was due to the newly crafted Bonus Features on DVDs. I’m sure there’s lots of you who wouldn’t come near these movies with a 10-foot pole. But as for me, I can’t help but really love them.


Whatever your go-to movie is to help you during any problematic times, I hope you find joy in them, and are able to remove yourself from the troubling reality of what you may be going through. I hope everyone is staying safe and in good health!