I Need a Flix: April 2014

With several key movies leaving at the end of March(The Truman Show, Sunset Boulevard, Oldboy, Breakfast at Tiffany’s), here’s what we have to at least look forward to at the beginning of April. Looks like we’re getting some good ones. Happy Netflixing!

– Amistad
– Barton Fink
– Braveheart
– Chinatown
– Click
– Close Encounters of the Third Kind
– Coneheads
– Death Wish
– Death Wish 2
– The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
– Dragonslayer
– The English Patient
– The Fifth Element
– Gattaca
– Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
– Inventing the Abbotts
– Jumanji
– A League of Their Own
– Look Who’s Talking Now
– The Man With One Red Shoe
– Mean Girls
– The Muppets Take Manhattan
– Night of the Comet
– Rocky
– The Running Man
– Scary Movie 3′
– See No Evil, Hear No Evil
– Sense and Sensibility
– Survival of the Dead
– The Terminator
– Wild Things 2
– The Yards

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