Sometimes, even when you’re older, it’s nice to go back to your childhood. There were many honorable mentions in this category. But to be honest, there are just too many good kids’ movies.

5. The Princess Bride

The origin of the famous line, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” If you haven’t seen this film, well, you must be living under a rock. The Princess Bride, released in 1987, tells the story of two people who have experienced “true love” but are sadly separated, only to find themselves reunited at the least opportune time. I wouldn’t call this film a romance, because it is definitely more than that. The film not only has the art of true love, but it also has action, drama, comedy. Basically every genre is wrapped into this film. The Princess Bride is a great film because it’s so much fun to watch. Also, it’s one of the most quotable movies you will ever see.


4. Hoodwinked! 

Hoodwinked! was The Weinstein Company’s first fully animated film. Released in 2005, Hoodwinked! puts a different spin on the classic “Little Red Ridding Hood” tale.  After viewing characters such as little red riding hood, to the wolf, to granny, in a whole new light, I find Hoodwinked! incredibly funny. However, the problem with Hoodwinked! is that it has a lot of adult humor, so it lacks that connection with a younger audience. Hoodwinked! is a standard kids film, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. But what it does so well is that it takes these traditional characters and adds an ounce of independence to them. The team behind this film doesn’t change a lot to the characters, but what they do change, it adds so much more to the story.

3. Lion King

Released in 1994, The Lion King was the number one highest grossing film (worldwide) that year. With a cast that includes the voices of James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, and Matthew Broderick, this film tells an almost Hamlet like tale for children. With subtle imagery that differentiates both good and evil characters, darkness and light, the film brought the audiences a story with a basis of right and wrong, and honor. What makes this film so memorable, apart from the characters, is the soundtrack. With music by the fantastic Hans Zimmer, and a love ballad by Elton John, this film is enjoyable for the whole family.


 2. Aladdin

It makes me feel old when I think that Aladdin came out so long ago. Released in 1992, Aladdin went on to become the first animated film that grossed over $200,000,000. Only to be beat out by a famous animated lion film. We all know and remember this film growing up and singing along to the movie. The scenario of, what would we do if we were granted 3 wishes, would be imagined in our heads. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Aladdin is not usually the storyline, odd enough. But rather the performance of Robin Williams as the Genie. Having improvised most of his lines throughout the film, Williams’ performance could not have been better. Though there was controversy surrounding both Disney and Williams’ professional relationship after the film was finished, Williams’ did return for another Aladdin film, Aladdin: Prince of Thieves. 23 years later and this film is still being talked about. With a “Diamond Edition” said to be released next month, Aladdin is still the enjoyable kids film we all know and love.

1. Toy Story

I don’t believe that anything can match the creativity of Toy Story. Released in 1995, Toy Story was Pixar’s first digitally animated film, and it made all the right moves. Not only is it a hilarious story about toys coming to life when their owner is gone, but it also hits several emotional points. After the success of Toy Story, Pixar has made not one but two follows ups to this film, with a forth installment set to be released in 2017. With the creativity behind the scenes, it makes each film better than the last. No toy is left out, or looked at to be less than the other. With the situations that these toys get themselves into, these toys have a friendship, and it creates a personal bond with the audience. Toy Story is an amazing film. In all the years of kids’ films, this is my favorite. Personal connections aside, even when I’m old and gray, I’ll still pop this film in. Knowing that by the end of the film, I will have a smile on my face.