“I’m off the deep end. Watch as I dive in. I’ll never the meet the ground. Crash through the surface, where they can’t hurt us. We’re far from the shallow now.”

A Star Is Born centers on a young rising star, Ally, played by the talented Lady Gaga. Who after being discovered by a rough country singer named Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) the two immediately grow both a romantic and professional relationship. But when Ally’s new star begins to eclipse Jack’s, and Jack’s alcoholism becomes more than they can bear, the two must work at everything to keep their love for music and each other alive. First off, I must admit that A Star Is Born wasn’t one of the movies on my radar. In fact, I was so quick to judge this film, that I had basically ruled it out of any “Most Anticipated” list in my mind. Even as I watched the movie, I couldn’t see the big whoop at, well, 15 minutes in. Oh how many of my own rules I broke when watching this movie, and how I regret it, because A Star Is Born is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.

The majority of film goers know that A Star Is Born is a film that has been remade time and time again. With the likes of Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand to hold the coveted main female role, Lady Gaga had a large order to fill when signing up along with Bradley Cooper. Gaga is everything in this film. maxresdefault-5I wasn’t a “little monster”, which is what I believe she calls her fans, but I respected her as a singer with a good voice. Maybe I haven’t been exposed to much of her music, but Gaga’s voice transcends genres in this film.  You can feel her heart and soul being poured into each note that she sings throughout the film. But my loss of breath was not so much at her singing, though I was mesmerized by it. No, she takes the cake with her incredible acting. There are scenes throughout the film where she alone has to not only sing, but exhibit an emotion that will evoke that same emotion out of the audience. I remain clearly undone by Gaga’s performance, not only as a singer, but as an extraordinary actress. But like so many of the other talented females that have come before her, A Star is Born would not be the story that it is without her male counterpart.

Without giving away any of the movie’s storylines, I will say that Cooper’s performance as the hard-shelled Jackson is vastly different than the previous films of the same title. Cooper not only brought along his acting chops, but he learned how technically sing for the film. Cooper may not be releasing any chart topping singles apart from his acting, but he does push himself as an actor to stay level with Gaga’s beautiful singing.

Cooper not only acts but directed and helped write the film. Cooper has turned himself into a legitimate triple, or should we say quadruple threat with A Star Is Born. Come on, Bradley, save some talent for the rest of humanity. MV5BNTI5MDU4ODIwNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTA2ODA0NjM@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,744_AL_His love of film and his profession of acting comes through with each frame. Not only will you come for the talented singing, but you’ll stay for the heart-tugging story and the unbelievable filmmaking. Now, there are some small gripes with elements of the film, but it is without saying that the small gripes are just that. Small.

I can stop and proceed to talk about this movie for hours. But what I will say is, A Star Is Born is both a mesmerizing and endearing film. From the first scene, you begin to know these characters as they are fleshed out in front of you, and you begin to grow closer and closer to them, until the very end. From the story, to the performances, to the overall production of the film, A Star is Born will simply amaze you to the point of it lingering with you for days to come.

A Star Is Born

Directed by: Bradley Cooper

Starring: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper