It’s a month into the new year, so what does that mean? Awards season, of course! At Little Movie Reviews we’re going to be doing our first ever Little Movie Awards, a personalized bestowing of accolades to those who are the best in their craft! So to kick off these new awards, we’re going to start with Best Supporting Actress. The category for this year’s award season is shaping up to be a good one. Though it doesn’t have the powerhouse performances of years past, it’s still great.

Here are the nominees:

Olivia Cooke (Sound of Metal)

You won’t find much appreciation for Olivia Cooke at the big awards shows, and for that I am plenty disappointed. Cooke’s role in Sound of Metal is a small one, but her character’s unyielding love and empathy makes it a performance that can’t be glossed over. It tears away at your heart. She’s the ideal supporting actress next to Riz Ahmed’s aching Ruben.

Amanda Seyfried (Mank)

Amanda Seyfried is the quirky gem placed in the black and white scenes of Mank. A clear ode to the actresses of the 1940s, Seyfried plays it perfectly from her voice to her mannerisms. She’s a remarkable mirror image of the Susan Alexander Kane in Citizen Kane, and as sweet as candy —breaking up the monotony of the straight-laced business men the film is ripe with. Even under the towering talents of Gary Oldman, Seyfried is a standout.

Yuh-Jung Youn (Minari)

We can talk about Minari being included in the Best International Film category this season, which I think severely misplaces the film, but that’s a conversation for a different day. Nevertheless, may we not overlook  Yuh-Jung Youn’s kind and funny performance as the odd grandmother. She’s sentimental and loving. But in her own way, like most grandmothers, she’s also sarcastic and stern. An amazing character, portrayed by an amazing actress!

Olivia Colman (The Father)

This won’t be the last time you’ll hear me talk about The Father, that’s for sure. Olivia Colman gives a stunning performance of a daughter whose father is suffering with dementia. I can’t begin to identify with what she goes through, but Colman does it with such fluidity, bringing a blend of both patience and frustration to her character. Our winner and Colman are interchangeable for me, but I ended up awarding…

Ellen Burstyn (Pieces of a Woman)

Little Movie Reviews is crowning Ellen Burstyn with the Best Supporting Actress award! I was already blown away by Burstyn’s performance in Pieces of a Woman. But when I found out that she improvised the majority of her monologues, I couldn’t believe it! Her tearful scene with Vanessa Kirby is by far one of the best pieces of acting in any movie from this past year. She’s a toss-up come awards season, but if she’s able to pull out a win at the Oscars, she’ll be the oldest recipient of the coveted golden statue.

Stay tuned throughout the month of February as we hand out the rest of our awards!