Sorry about the long hiatus, guys. But along with the fact that there haven’t been many new movies to review, I have been really busy. Anyway, I wanted to announce that I will be trying to expand to Blu-ray, video game and television/streaming reviews, starting at the beginning of the new year. By bringing these other types of media outlets, it will give me a chance to bring more “new content” to my blog on a regular basis. Movies will still be my main focus here, but I wanted to shake it up with some variety. Note: I will start making changes to this blog starting soon. However, if you see a tab marked Video Games, Television, etc., it will not have any content until the beginning of the year.

If you guys love this idea, hate this idea, or want me to review a certain something, please leave a comment down below. New film reviews will be coming later this week (*cough* Star Wars *cough*) so hold tight.

Thanks for visiting Little Movie Reviews! You guys have a great day!