The Good Dinosaur tells the story of a young Apatosaurus (say that three times fast) named Arlo. Though often looked at as the runt of litter, compared to his successful and often stronger brother and sister, he must step up in order to over come his fear. This then leads to him going on a long adventure far away from home, eventually meeting a young cave boy named Spot.

The story of Arlo away from home, can relate to those who often don’t see themselves as doing much throughout their lives. Yet, though some creatures are small, they can still achieve and do heroic tasks throughout their lives. Along with the beautiful story, this film brings together a star studded cast such as, Frances McDormand, Steve Zahn, Sam Elliott, and Jeffrey Wright. These actors’ voices add so much depth to the characteristics of their characters.

The Good Dinosaur is a great family film. It has many laughs and many heart-warming moments. I wouldn’t advice seeing this film without a tissue box. It’s at times heart breaking, emotional, but inspirational, too. This film will make you laugh as much as it will tug at your heart strings. It may not be Pixar’s best film, but it is definitely worth the watch!

The Good Dinosaur

Starring: Frances McDormand, Steve Zahn, Sam Elliott, and Jeffrey Wright

Directed by: Peter Sohn