Welcome to my first Video Game Review here on Little Movie Reviews. For my first review, I will be talking about the much-anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront. It had been so long since we, the fans, had been promised a Star Wars game. Not so long ago, the game Star Wars: 1313, was in the works by LucasArts. The game would let gamers play as the famous bounty hunter, Boba Fett, as he travels down into the depths of Coruscant (a.k.a. Level 1313). But after being scrapped when developers, LucasArts, sold everything to Disney, Electronic Arts picked up the unfinished product, eventually releasing the game we have today. So when EA first released footage and gameplay of this video game at E3 2015, fans were blown away, at the graphics, thus reaching far into their wallets to purchase the game before the release date. Well, after over a month of playing Star Wars: Battlefront, I have come to a conclusion about the game’s overall quality.


I have read and watched many people review this game, only to have the same rating repeated each time. It wasn’t very good, they would say.  Now, this may not be the most favorable opinion, but I actually enjoy Star Wars: Battlefront. It’s not perfect. Actually, it’s far from it. But I will get to that in a second. The multiplayer has to be my favorite part of the game. However, I have noticed that on some maps, playing as one side, alone gives you an advantage. Not to mention what many reviewers have marked as the “insta-kill”. You finally get to where you need to be, only to be killed from behind. It slowly becomes this vicious cycle time and time again. The lack of a single-player campaign is disturbing. It is a little disappointing that previous Battlefront games had such great single-player campaigns. There are some challenges that you are able to do on your own, but nothing worth wild. And to be honest, and it doesn’t last for that long.


This is where I start to disagree with my fellow reviewers. Many of them had these opinions of Battlefront being an EA greedy money pit. A season pass that costs $60? But was this act of greed really so unusual? If I recall correctly, just around the summertime when Batman: Arkham Knight came out, people raved about the game. However, when the season pass came out it was $40 dollars. Did that hinder the game’s credibility? No. People refused to pay for the season pass, but they never said the wouldn’t buy the game at all. Watchdogs’ season pass, upon release, was $20 dollars. Ugh…Watchdogs. Yes, this act of bending over backward to buy a viable game, sucks. Yes, game developers shouldn’t be this greedy. But the way I see it, this is the cruel world that we live in now. In order to play any extra material, we have to shell out our life savings. People are refusing/ boycotting Battlefront’s release due to the price of the season pass, and or, the lack of a single player campaign. I understand it that we should have had more of a single-player campaign. But in reality, Titanfall hardly had a single player campaign, and the Destiny games were mostly online-gameplay. I mean, even Wii U’s Splatoon was all online. The single-player gameplay is a joke.

In my opinion, Star Wars: Battlefront is a good game. I do wish there was more gameplay as one of the main Star Wars’ characters, or even some sort of story mode. But as we slowly become gamers who become infatuated with online gameplay, these are the games that will be released.