Dear readers,

I have tried lately to update my blog in a timely manner. However, I feel like I make a “hey, I’m back post,” but I never fully come back. Lately life has been getting in the way more than I’d like. For example,  a few months ago I quit my job after certain circumstances with my boss. And not so long ago I had an epileptic seizure while I was in the shower, which caused me to hurt my back something terrible. I hope I am back, because I truly am happy right now. So many of your posts, podcasts, and lifestreams, continue to inspire me everyday. So for that, I thank you all! It’s so much fun talking to you all about cinema! Now on a positive note, I do have some crazy plans for this movie review blog.

Classic Movie Reviews

Once, maybe twice, a month I will be doing classic movie reviews. Classic movies have helped me to love cinema, and to see film as an art form. I grew up with AMC and TCM. So loosely based on Chris Stuckmann’s monthly classic film reviews, I will be reviewing films that may not be as “well known” as other classic films, but films that are still amazing nonetheless. I’ll also be including some mega-popular ones, but that’s because I just love them so much. So it will be a mixture of well-known and not so well-known.

“My Crazy Film Journey”

I will also be doing something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. This came to fruition because my brother-in-law, Chris, teased me after I told him I hadn’t seen some popular movies. Throughout the year, I will be doing what I am calling “My Crazy Film Journey.” Once, maybe twice, a month I will review movies that I have not seen, which are films that I should have already seen. This will include movies such as the Indiana Jones Trilogy and The Big Lebowski. I’m still working on the titles that I plan to include in my journey, but I’m really looking forward documenting all these films. So here’s to you Chris, I’m finally going to see Indiana Jones.

I’m also planning on doing a little something for the Oscars, because this will be the first year that I have seen all the Best Picture nominees. But in an effort to not bite off more than I can chew, I’m not going to commit to this plan, yet.

So thanks guys for reading my reviews and visiting my site after all these months. I look  forward to a great year of movies!


Sarah a.k.a Little Movie Reviews


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  1. Welcome back, your reviews are great. Last year the same happened to me, tried blogging about movies but everything in my real life swallowed up all of my time, but now circumstances have changed and I’m enjoying doing this and hopefully can maintain.

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