“You’re an actress, right?”

“All women are actresses, dear. I’m just clever enough to get paid for it.”

 Murder Mystery is the newest Netflix comedy from Adam Sandler and tells the story of Nick and Audrey Spitz, a couple setting off on a European vacation as they celebrate their recent anniversary. But after being invited on a luxury yacht by a wealthy viscount, their relaxing vacation soon transports them into the middle of a mystery novel. Sandler, in my opinion, has overstayed his comedic welcome with Netflix. However, Murder Mystery surprised me from the moment I watched the trailer.

This is not an A+ film by any stretch of the imagination. Sandler has still very much lost touch with his comedic creativity that made us fall in love with him so many years ago. But if there was a film that could make us even remotely love Sandler again, it was going to be Murder Mystery. I thought this movie was funny and never tried to be anything more than just a basic comedy with some cliché and crazy side characters. To be honest, I would take Murder Mystery over Kenneth Branagh’s recent Murder on the Orient Express disaster from 2017. But nonetheless, this film was everything that it hinted at in the trailer. Jennifer Aniston who starred with Sandler in Just Go with It, re-teams, once again, with Sandler to create some decent comedic chemistry. Neither of them is blowing people’s minds, but they accurately portray that funny married couple.

Murder Mystery is predictable and cliché but somehow I loved it. Sandler does start to get on your nerves with his overbearing comedy, and the ending of the film is basically given away in the film’s first 30 minutes. But nonetheless, I still found this film enjoyable. In the end, Murder Mystery is a harmless film that will make you laugh. I have a feeling that this may bring about another sequel. However, it would be smart for everyone involved to just leave Murder Mystery as a funny little one-off.

Murder Mystery

Directed by: Kyle Newacheck

Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans, and Gemma Arterton