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“Never give up. Never surrender.”

Before the explosion of comic cons and expos, Galaxy Quest showed audiences the thrill of living and breathing a fandom, much like the Trekkies who love their Star Trek. The film tells the story of a group of has-been actors who now go around to conventions, say their signature lines, and sign autographs for their endearing fans. But when real-life aliens ask for the actors’ help, the crew goes down a rabbit hole, which leads to a very crazy journey. Here’s another classic, or should I say cult-classic, that made its way on to movie screens 20 years ago this year. And with each and every watch, Galaxy Quest not only stands the test of time, but keeps getting better and better.

There are films that try to exemplify the nerds in all of us, but, ultimately, can’t successfully make it work. However, Galaxy Quest is able to do that. It has all the qualities of a film that shouldn’t work, but it does. The cast of the film is magnificent in truly embracing their characters. Tim Allen, who is no stranger to playing an “outer space” figure, takes on the role of Jason Nesmith aka Commander Quincey Taggart. With Allen’s character full of a macho man persona, with a little humor sprinkled throughout, he’s truly that image of the self-centered actor that struggles to find validity in any other work he’s done. But as much as we love Allen, the big laughs come from the supporting cast. Sam Rockwell, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman all lend their talents in portraying these quirky characters. Rockwell’s hysteria humor is a nod to Bill Paxton in Aliens, and Weaver is a nod to those franchise sex-symbols from those quintessential television shows. image-assetAs for Rickman, who so often plays dramatic characters, he’s a delightful surprise. Though he does have a more monotone demeanor compared to the rest of the cast, Rickman has his moments to shine. Each character is so integral to the plot. With so much humor to go around, not a single character is less than the other.

Screenwriters David Howard and Robert Gordon have really made something special with Galaxy Quest. In a genre that is so hard to please people, these two writers have been able to take on different subject matters and blend them into a great film. However, it has been said that the inspiration came from the real-life cast of Star Trek, and what those actors went through during the show’s duration. Even some Star Trek alumni have gone on to say how much they enjoyed this movie. And not only is it the former Star Trek cast saying this, but other celebrities have said how much they truly enjoy the story of Galaxy Quest.

It was believed that Galaxy Quest was in talks for a sequel. However, due to Rickman’s passing from cancer, the plan has now been scrapped. It’s a shame that we won’t get to see another chapter in the crew’s journey, but maybe it’s better to just leave good enough alone. Whether you consider yourself a Trekkie, someone obsessed with the comic book movies genre, or maybe you just love a good comedy, Galaxy Quest is all that wrapped into one.

Galaxy Quest

Directed by: Dean Parisot

Starring: Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Daryl Mitchell, and Sam Rockwell